Fuel surcharges loom for shippers as Ukraine crisis drives up oil prices

By: Supply Chain Dive | Jim Stinson
Created at: 2022-03-11
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With global oil prices jumping to over $100 per barrel on Tuesday, largely due to the war in Ukraine, shippers could see fuel surcharges as trucking fleets and small carriers pass on the costs.

Higher oil prices are translating directly to higher diesel prices.

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As the price of oil surpasses
$100 per barrel, trucking companies are expected to pass on the costs.

On Monday, the Energy Information
Administration reported U.S. diesel prices were $4.104 per gallon, up 4.9
cents in a week, and $1.032 from a year before. Diesel prices are likely to go
higher as Russia and Ukraine continue to fight, and as oil companies pull
business from Russia, the third-largest oil producer in the world, after
the United States and Saudi Arabia.

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